History Of The IFMMA

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Iran Food Machinery
09:54 - Friday 21 February 2020
History Of The IFMMA
History Of The IFMMAIran Food Machinery Manufacturers Association was founded by a group of pioneers in November 2007 with the intention to enhance technical and economical capabilities of the industrial workers and entrepreneurs in this industry and to make it possible for them to preserve and protect their legal rights. The Association was registered with the Ministry of Cooperatives, Labor and Social Welfare of the Islamic Republic of Iran in November 2007.
Since its inception, as the result of hard work of its managers, the Association has been able to identify renowned manufacturers of food industry equipment and machinery around the world for the purpose of making their advance technologies available at the disposal of the domestic manufacturers.
At the present time, the Association members are capable of manufacturing, installation and commissioning total production lines for manufacturing and packaging of high quality dairy, fruit juice, soft drinks, cakes, chocolate, and can food products at competitive prices that comply with modern standards in the world.
The Association members offer training programs for their customer's employees and after sale services. These two services offered by the manufactures in Iran place them in advantageous position to other manufacturers in the world.
Please bear in mind that the Association guarantees the services offered by its members.