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Privacy Policy
Privacy policy

Iran Food Machinery Manufacturers Association make committed itself for protecting its all visitors΄ privacy, who visits the website Therefore, we provide this privacy statement as a part of our committed in order to protect your privacy. You, as one of our customers, can visit of Iran Food Machinery Manufacturers Association website without registering any personal information in the Internet universal network. Value of information that we can store is depend on the information, you share us.

By registering or requesting data in this website, you let us to store, use and transfer your information based on policy privacy conditions.

Information which we collect and store

While visiting this website you will be asked to enter information such as your name and your contact details. We also may collect some information about your using of this website with other information that you sent us via a letter or electronic mail.


Information that you make available for us will be stored in our secure servers. We may also give the collected information of our website to third parties, but these are not include of any personal information that those may can reveal your user's identity.
Anywhere a password is given you (or chooses it yourself); it enables you to access some specific parts of this website. You are responsible for protecting this password, thus we ask you not to reveal this password to any other person.
Unfortunately transmission of information via the Internet is not completely safe. Although we do our best we can for protecting your personal information but, we still cannot guarantee your data transmission security. Therefore, you are responsible for any data transmission in the internet, yourself. However, after receiving your information, we will use of strictly secure methods for protecting your information against any unauthorized access.
Nations, which are not members of the Economic Society of Europe, have not the strong data protection laws. However, we always try to make sure that your information will be protect accordance with the terms of this policy, unless in the conditions that the constitution prevents us from selling, distributing or revealing any part of your information to third parties.
It must also be mentioned that if our company sells its shares to other companies, or becomes merged into another company, or be sold to any other organization, your information will be shared with its new cooperators as well.

IPs and Cookies

We may collect your computer’s information including IP address, operating system and the type of your browser and utilize it for management and marketing purposes. This issue includes statistic data about the patterns and your search operation in internet and may not determine your identity.

Cookies are small information bundles which we save on your computer. Once you visit our site, our system will save some cookies on your computer, unless you announce your disagreement when entering your data. Cookies will speed up your next visits to our site. They will also help us to monitor and control the site traffic and to personalize the site content for you. You may prevent the cookies to be saved, by activating a special setting in your browser; in this case you might not enjoy some of the special capabilities of our site.
Security and Data Protection

We are applying security measures to immunize your data against access by unauthorized persons, any illegal actions, incidental damages, destruction and demolition. We keep your data for a standard period required by law.

In some special cases, our site may include some electronics hyperlinks to other sites. In case you wish to enjoy such sites, privacy policy and its priorities will be in force.

Access and upgrade

You will have the right to be informed of your preserved data and to ask us to make some changes in them for accuracy and upgrading purposes. In this case, please let us know.

Changes in our Privacy Policy

Any forthcoming change in our privacy policy will be announced on the site and will be information to by email.

Rules and Regulations

The following text is as a legal contract between the user and Iran Food Machinery Manufacturers Association

Spiritual property

all elements available in this site including data, documents, products, logos, graphics, pictures and services is fully belonging to Iran Food Machinery Manufacturers Association I website and any other legal and real party is not authorized to copy, distribute, reprint, download, display, send and transfer them without written permission by the owner of mentioned element (Iran Food Machinery Manufacturers Association Website).

The terms of using website services

As soon as you will register as new member to our site, it means that you have accepted all its terms and conditions and you are obliged to respect and observes these rules and regulations.