Duties Of Association

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07:54 - Friday 21 February 2020
Duties Of Association
Duties Of AssociationMajor duties of the Association:

• The Association primary objective is to vindicate the legal rights of its members by creating appropriate infrastructures for materialization of the Association objectives.

• Gathering information, review and investigation of problems. Identification of needs and priorities.

• Planning for what the industry needs, training, and development of activities

• Taking steps to enhance productivity of resources and production capacity. Transfer of new technologies and innovations.

• Taking steps to coordinate educational affairs, enhancing skills, supply of human resources, cooperation with the Ministry of Cooperatives, Labor and Social Welfare and other concerned tribunals and bodies concerning training programs regarding health and safety programs at works.

• Accepting responsibility and providing consultations to ministries, organizations and official bodies with respect to duties and assignments that they impose on business Associations.

• Establishing contacts with organizations that are related to the duties of the business Associations – or respective associations – in or outside Iran – within the framework of business Association activities and rules and regulations of the country.

• Taking part in professional negotiations with other concerned entrepreneurship organizations – applicable laws – and signing group contracts with labor organizations.

• Receiving admission, membership fees, and other voluntary contributions from members.

• Providing cooperation for establishment, strengthening, and development of cooperative companies relating to the activities of the business Association for the purpose of members to take additional loans.

• Support, defend and support of rights and interest of business Association and professional members of the Association through submitting proposals and gaining the backing of private and governmental organizations.

• Attempting to establish cultural and sport clubs by observing legal regulations, for the purpose of making their services available to the members.

• Buy, sell and ownership of real estate and chattel properties in the name of the Association- on the account of the Association – subject to being not for profit.

• Joining other compatible business Associations for the purpose of establishing syndication – or membership in the business Associations of the province - or supreme association of business association subject to approval of general assembly – and by observing legal regulations.

• Cooperation with other business Associations - and carrying out other duties and authorities those business associations are bound to carry out – or will be bound to carry out.

• Making recommendation for improving factory status by enhancing quality of food equipment and machinery manufactured inside Iran – and enhancing level of productivity – and use of technical cooperation and new technical science knowledge. 

• Attempting to find new markets in Iran and abroad.

• Making appropriate coordination with concerned organizations for creation of healthy competition - for improving quality.

• Announcing consultancy opinion with respect to proposing laws, bylaws, standards, procedures and any other rules and regulations  - and proposing it to legal tribunals.

• Compilation of statistics data ad information concerning latest advancements in science, and technology in this industry and announcing them to members – and in case it becomes necessary, publishing it for public information.

• Announcing consultancy opinion and recommendations to legal authorities with respect to creation and development of food equipment and machinery with due regard to the public need.

• Holding technical and professional training classes for the purpose of enhancing level of awareness and science of members and employees of the member companies in using modern techniques – after securing appropriate licenses from concerned authorities.

• Helping to commission – and support of research and development divisions (R&D) in the field of food equipment and machinery manufacturing - and establishing cooperation with units and organizations (in the same business) outside Iran.