How To Become A Member?

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Iran Food Machinery
08:03 - Friday 21 February 2020
How To Become A Member?
Membership Procedures:

1- A manufacturer which desires to become a member of Iran Food Machinery Manufacturers Association must fill out respective application form (primary information form) and submit it to the Association.

2- The board of directors will review the application form in their first meeting.

3- If the primary application form is approved, a supplementary membership form will be sent to the applicant. The applicant must fill out that form and return it to the Association.

4- The supplementary information will be reviewed to find out whether they are consistent with conditions set for membership or not?

5- If approved, the final membership application form will be sent to the applicant by the Association.

6- The membership and admission fees must be paid and receipts of them must be submitted to the Association.

7- Membership certificate will be issued for the member.