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Iran Food Machinery
08:56 - Friday 21 February 2020
Terms & Conditions
Terms and conditions :

Natural entities (entrepreneurs) and legal entities who posses the following qualifications can become a member of this Association.

• Iranian citizenship
• Minimum of 20 years old
• High school diploma
• Must be working in the food machinery industrial sector.
Valid identification documents such as the followings must be submitted:
- Exploitation license issued by the Ministry of Mines, Industries and Commerce
- Establishment license issued by the Ministry of Mines, Industries and Commerce
- Identification card issued by the concerned organizations
- Certificate of industrial activity issued by concerned organizations
- Or valid license issued by other organizations and concerned administrations in the field of manufacturing food equipment and machinery.
• Must be follower of one of the authorized religions in Iran
• No record of criminal conviction that deprives the convict of social rights.
• To abide by the articles of association, rules, decisions and regulations of various divisions of the Association.
• Payment of admission and membership fees on regular basis.

 Those who qualify may become member of the Association freely. No one can be forced to become member of the Association – or prevent from becoming member of the Association.
 In case membership is denied to a non qualifying person, he can take his complaint to the next general assembly for further review. Decision of general assembly will final and binding.
 In case a member is disqualified from membership in the Association, that member will be regarded as resigned member- but previous commitments must be fulfilled.