Conditions Of Association

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08:43 - Friday 21 February 2020
Conditions Of Association
Association Rules and Regulations:

Membership fee:
Members must pay annual membership fee (on regular basis) to the Association treasury or deposit the money into a bank account designated by the Association. The treasurer must issue a receipt with serial number. The alleged receipt must be signed by the Association treasurer.
Admission and membership fees are not refundable.
The board of directors will not be permitted to use the Association financial resources beyond what is prescribed in this article of association.

Suspension or Revocation of membership:

• Non payment of membership fees on time – as prescribed by article 8 of this articles of association (when announced by people in charge of financial affairs of the Association).
• Failure to abide by the Association articles of association, rules, regulations, recommendations, or legal decisions made by every division of the Association (when announced by the board of directors).
• When member loses qualifications, as described in article 4 of this article of association.
• When ordered by the country's legal tribunals
• Change of employment – no employment in the respective jobs for more than 6 months.